Farewell Tenri

Our time is coming to an end in Japan, and day 41 was the day to say good-bye to Tenri. We took an opportunity to thank the wonderful group of people who hosted us and made us feel very welcomed. Even today I still have fond memories of our hosts and their accommodating hospitality. 2018 holds a small glimmer of hope for a visit, but life is always uncertain till it’s certain.



Little Gifts from Nara

What do you do when you only have a few days left in Japan but have only set as side a small amount of cash to gifts…you go to Nara! It’s a tourist friendly town, and is only a short train ride away from Tenri. I liked Nara a lot, and could have spent more time there purely to explore the city, and of course check out more of the smaller temples and shrines that are sprinkled around the city. With a population of less than 400,000, Nara is also a “slower” city in comparison to Tokyo or Kyoto which matches my personality quite well.

After picking up a small bag of goodies for the parents and friends back home, Joe and I found our way back to Tenri (after a bit of translation woes.) We practice packed and took the evening to relax and reflect on the trip. The following day would be our last full day in Tenri and the haunting realisation that our trip was coming to an end hit full force.

If you ever get a chance to deviate from the bigger cities I would highly recommend going to Nara even as a day trip. You won’t regret it.


Maple Syrup : the Canadian Gift

A fortunate element of my time in Japan was the opportunity to exercise the ability to just do nothing. Honestly it is something I always try to do when I travel now and that’s to just exist in a place and not do anything. Yes, I acknowledge that it can be a waste of money and time to go somewhere far away and sit around and do nothing, but to me it’s acknowledging that being on an adventure also means just taking a break. Taking a mid day nap is not something I can do back home while I’m working and being able to do that while on vacation is a luxury.

Finally, Calpis you will forever be a very strange drink. I do not understand you.



The Move is On

With October on the horizon Kaz, Joe and myself finally arrived at a momentous occasion on our trip. Tenri would no longer be the base camp for some time. The three of us had spent nearly 17 days in the safety and comfort of Kaz’s family’s company, and inevitably we would be setting off to spend the next saga of our trip in a variety of hostels, and other unknown accommodations.

Day 17 was a fairly uneventful day although the constant pressure of finding a useful method of obtaining money was smacking Joe and I in the face. We were planning to get the necessary funds for the next 7 days before we left for Kyoto. Except for whatever reason our cards didn’t co-operate with the ATM in the Tenri post office.

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