Park Hyatt Hotel

We’ve now arrived to the day of luxury where Joe, Kaz and I finally make our way to the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel. I think it’s important to point out that there’s a specific reason as to why we all decided to spend a night at one of the more prestigious and expensive hotels in Tokyo. It had a lot to do with the film Lost in Translation and a little to do with experiencing something extravagant. IMG_2914

Lost in Translation has been a film that’s been held close to my heart for quite a few years and honestly back in 2011  it was something I was obsessed with. The only person who appreciates that film more than I would be Joe, so it was certain we’d stay one night in the hotel they shot the majority of the film. IMG_2931

The hotel itself is grandiose in all aspects. It’s atop a large skyscraper in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo and has all the amenities that you can think of as a luxury hotel. Everything from the main lobby, to the open concept corridors, the array of restaurants, and the roof top pool that Bill Murray swam in.


Our room was a corner unit on the 51st floor and was relatively big compared to most Japanese hotels. We had two double beds and they offered us a third pull in bed (we thought it was gonna be a cot but were very surprised.)


Once we settled in we found ourselves just obsessed with the view from our room. Our plan was to spend as much time as possible in the hotel so we ventured out (briefly) to a local ‘konbini’ to grab some snacks then scurried back to our room.


We took a ridiculous amount of photos and videos, ate our snacks, and just relaxed. It was such unique experience to take in. I was hanging out with two of my closest friends in a rather eloquent room that stands static a couple hundred meters above Tokyo. The atmosphere was perfect.


As the day passed we found some ways to spend time in the room. Lots of reading, some anime watching, and mostly losing yourself in the fantastic view. The more I think about it we basically paid to have our own personal observation deck for 24 hours that had comfy chairs and a high-tech washroom.


Once the sun started to set we made our way down to the “casual” dinning option at the hotel were we indulged in a rather pricy (by our standards) but delicious dinner. Again atmosphere was great, conversation enticing, and taking note of the other patrons around us. We were by far the most random 3 people in the restaurant as more and more business types rolled in with their co-workers and such. IMG_2980

After dinner we quickly changed into our Yukata and found our way to the pool. This was perhaps the most exciting part for me. I was a competitive swimmer for over 13 years and to be able to swim in a pool high above ground was really fun. After a decent swim we made our way to the Peak bar which was yet another location where Lost in Translation had some significant scenes. We ordered a few drinks, took some time to watch all the skyscrapers pulse with their rooftop lights, and listened to some live music.


Eventually we all made it back to the room, took some more photos and finally went to bed. It was a day that still sticks with me and reminds me that if you have the opportunity and are privileged enough to spend a few bucks on yourself, do it.



  • Bonus photo for fans of Lost in Translation



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