One Tower to Conquer them All


Now before we mention anything on the title, yes I know the Tokyo Tower is not the tallest building in Tokyo anymore. The Sky Tree has most certainly taken that title now, however at the time the Sky Tree wasn’t complete or open to the public. This was somewhat of an unfortunate consequence of timing as the Sky Tree was only a couple of months away from being open. The Tokyo Tower however was more than sufficient in showing us a more top-down view of the city.



One of the fleeting thoughts I had about this day was just how lucky we were to have a local family show us around. Our days in Tokyo were without a doubt stress free. We were looked after in all terms of transportation and lodging, and along with out proficient planning I felt as though the next couple days were the most relaxing of the entire trip. Tokyo is a big place and can easily eat up your time. When you have people willing to take you around for most of the day you have to acknowledge the privilege of it all, as most travellers don’t get to experience something like that in a foreign country.

Overall the Tokyo Tower was a fun day trip, a little touristy but that’s to be expected. The views were awesome and the 600 steps down were actually really fun. Well maybe if I wasn’t carrying 35 pounds of camera gear with me. I miss Tokyo.


View from the Tokyo Tower (2011)



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