Good-bye Sapporo.

It’s an alluring experience when you get to travel without an alarm clock.  Relying on your natural sleep cycle to wake up, or in our case which ever bunk mate heads out the door first can be extremely restful and relaxing. Freedom from scheduled REM cycle disruption is such a fantastic feeling which I often envy in my day to day life. Of course there were days when we were obligated to meet train line time tables, but for the majority of the trip I was given the indulgence to let my body take as much or as little sleep it wanted. Whether that was in form of mid-day naps, or late morning wake ups it was fantastic not having to worry about when the dreaded alarm would go off.


However, this was not the case for this final day in Sapporo. There is something to be said about being in a full mixed dorm when there were multiple snoring creators along with 3 Canadians who are all suffering from some sort of virus. The mixture of coughing, snoring, and tussling was enough for me to have the most uncomfortable and brief sleep of the trip thus far. This was remedied with a nap later that afternoon of course, but the memory still lingers.


After an excessively long nap Joe and I were the only two well enough to leave the confines of the hostel, and we headed toward the botanical gardens. My enthusiasm was quickly doused by the lack of consistency in the information that is supplied on the tourist pamphlets, and the actual hours the park is open. The end result was we were an hour late and the park was closed. This left Joe and I to wander around downtown Sapporo with no real objective or plan. We found ourselves in the main park by accident and we decided just to wait for the sun to set. We had a little fun with all the park structures which was great fun and consumed any thoughts I had about being denied my beautiful park admission. Be sure to check out the video to see what kind of shenanigans we got up to.


Once the sun had set, we returned to the hostel after stopping at yet another Konbini to pick up basic snacks and such. I close out this Hokkaido adventure with a single regret and a life lesson.


I regret not getting to experience Sapporo and the surrounding area to its fullest. I may never be able to get back to Japan any time soon or ever again so what I have stashed away in my brain and these videos/photos is what I will have to remember it for forever. As for the life lesson, plans are plans. Try not to make them the foundation of everything you do. Some spontaneity and impulsiveness isn’t inherently bad especially when you worry about stuff like it do.



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