Yakiniku & Don Quijote

Our second full day in Sapporo didn’t lead to any hidden treasures or tourist spots. Instead we ended up falling from one simple task to another, completely reliant on what we felt like doing that hour. The weather was a typical autumn day for an island environment, and we really should have been more in tune with our surroundings. Thankfully the hostel (Time Peace Apartment) we were staying at had a plethora of umbrellas to borrow.

If I can draw off what I remember from that day, I wasn’t particularly excited to be travelling. I don’t think that’s an unusual feeling when you have been wandering around for 29 days, and ultimately I think I was feeling a little lost. Obviously I wasn’t physically lost rather I think I was craving some purpose in my life. I needed to know I was going to wake up the next morning and go achieve some sort of goal or objective. I blame the way our Canadian culture harvests a lifestyle of never really slowing down. We are encouraged to fill our days, to be continuously moving, and hoard more responsibilities. I often get exhausted trying to meet these expectations because of my workhorse personality however there are always pro and cons to different lifestyles.

As evening fell we went out to search for dinner and at the suggestion of the hostel’s owner we went to a Yakiniku bar only a couple blocks away. Gaja had an ambience of a bar but with a casual dining experience. The concept of getting food delivered to you while in an uncooked state had become familiar by this point and I immediately charged ahead with getting the food cooked over the coals. That meal was one of the best dining experiences I had in Japan. The service, food and atmosphere were one that even today stays in my memory. Hopefully Gaja is still around and if not I expect something exists in a similar format.

Day 29 wasn’t exciting or really memorable in any way. I’d compare it to a filler episode of an anime series, and only bits and pieces of it were worth any mention. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe having some days that don’t have significance can be worthy in their own rights. Maybe I can be ok with that.



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