Sapporo. You’re a lot like home.

Motion sickness, colds, the flu, and flat out exhaustion had finally caughts up to us when we arrived in Sapporo. Even with the couple of days rest I took before the Formula 1 race I was still feeling ill. Consequently Joe and Kaz seemed to picked up their own versions. The majority of our time in Sapporo was not a good one. Not necessarily because the landscape was uneventful, rather we were all too sick to really care. I remember suggesting going out to one of the onsen out in the moutains/countryside and all we could focus on was when we could head back to the hostel for a nap.


The best decision we made this entire trip was cutting that Sapporo leg short. However I still regret not being able to  have a good look around Sapporo and Hokkaido in general. There was a familiarity of the environment in terms of the city layout and the crisp autumn air. I wish we could have been healthy enough to enjoy a good hike in the Hokkaido mountains.


I could mention a list of things we weren’t able to do, and ultimately it doesn’t matter. We did what we could, and for the most part enjoyed it. This was also around the time when I think I first got a little home sick. Not the typical ‘oh I miss my bed’ type of home sick but the ‘I really want to talk to my parents, and I miss the Rocky Mountains, and I miss having a lot of personal space.’ Additionally I hit a wall in terms of traveling with Joe and Kaz. I remember getting angry at Kaz because we ordered the same type of gyoza but one came out earlier than the other so it just sat there until the rest of the food showed up…then we argued over who should eat the cold ones. Looking back I know it was the exhaustion talking, and honestly it makes me chuckle now. How pitiful it is to fight over who gets to eat first. Come on Kara! (Shakes head in personal dissapointment)


I’m not trying to be negative about this leg of the trip, I just want to be honest about how it’s not possible to record ever second of our travels. We did have some downs in our little group, and I certainly wasn’t immune to them. It is interesting to see just how similar Joe, Kaz and myself are though. Our personalities are fairly similar but we do have sublte differences. We are all fairly introverted, so when something came up that bugged us we all kinda just internalized those annoyances and pushed on. I’m just glad we’re all still friends because Joe and Kaz are some of the best/awesome people I know in this world.

So here is Day 28. The day that was Sapporo.



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