Head North Young Ones!

Pack the bags, charge the MP3, and get ready to sit for a long time. That’s what I was prepared for when we decided to head up to Sapporo. Our research on Hyperdia revealed that we’d be taking at least 5 trains, and even more seat changes/transfers. However I never grasped the scale of this undertaking, let alone dealing with a couple of surprises along the way.

You can commit to an idea hoping that it’ll end well. We just had no idea how long and how exhausting travelling 1,400 km by train would be. Not only did I end up having to deal with the physicality of travelling, but also the anxiety of it. Personally I don’t deal too well with the unexpected, and trying to foresee what is going to happen with all that movement had my brain on overdrive. In hindsight I wouldn’t want to diminish the enthusiasm I had for this leg of the trip. I saw it as a rare opportunity to gain as much “wandering” experience as I could (achievement unlocked!) I think the only thing I wish I had the capacity to change would have been how I dealt with the moments of uncertainty. I wouldn’t say that I’ve gained that skill over the years, but it would have made a difference.



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