Suzuka – Formula 1 Race

After two days of fighting through whatever travel bug I caught, the 3 of us made our way to Suzuka for race day. The process of getting from Tenri to Suzuka as mentioned before by the boys is quite tedious. There were a lot of transfers and when you you have to make a 4 hour trip twice in one day your energy levels are definitely running low by the end of the day.

The race itself was pretty cool, but also pretty abrasive. Note to anyone attending a Formula 1 race – you will need some sort of hearing protection. I don’t mean this in a paranoid ‘must protect my delicate hearing’ sense, the cars are LOUD. After a quick google search it was astonishing to find out that the cars can create noise levels as loud as 140db. To put that into perspective at 180 db your hearing/ear tissue dies. So, no joke – grab whatever you can to plug those little ear canals. Seriously!


My only other thought besides ‘Holy $hit’ these cars are fast was how I couldn’t really understand the level of on site attendance. I had no idea that there would be so many people dedicated to the sport, especially since visiting all the tracks around the world is tremendously expensive. I started wondering how many people were loyal fans who followed the circuit around the world, while how many people were like us who took this as an activity of opportunity. Regardless of the ratio it was quite clear that the formula 1 world is reliant on a lot of money and consequently a lot of fans.



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