Hiatus Over

It’s been some time eh? To be obnoxiously accurate it’s been 571 days since I wrote/edited a blog post/video, which in most terms is a significant amount of time! Interestingly enough I’ve experienced a strange scenario where I tried editing this vlog off the cuff but then realized (with a small amount of horror) that I’ve forgotten the majority of the footage I’d taken. While scanning through the raw footage I couldn’t ignore the fact that everything just looks old and fuzzy (fuzzy in terms of camera quality _ insert camera lingo here _ ). I know how “Captain Obvious” that sounds but I would have thought I’d have a better memory around my trip and what I decided to record.

Once I familiarized myself with my footage again the editing process was smooth and I even started taking the liberty of adding some effects and a new intro. Giving the series an overhaul was definitely needed, and it also helped me realize that my technical skills have noticeably improved. It has also been an exciting time re-watching my old videos and analyzing what 21-23 year old Kara thought was fun and exciting in terms of editing style and composition.

Anyways, Day 24 was not an exhilarating day for myself in particular but Kaz & Joe took up the duties of recording their daily events. Warning ** this video has footage from a FiLP camera which in its day was convenient, however it now bugs the hell out of me in terms of quality and its so-called electronic image stabilizer.

Despite the speed bumps and lack of commitment to finishing these videos, I am pleased to bring you Day 24. Can’t wait to revisit my adventures and share them with you all. Watch in HD if you got the internet for it šŸ™‚


Also leave a comment or question if you ever have a thought pop into those awesome brains!!!


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