Hiking in Kyoto

I think it’s fairly easy to say that Kyoto is an exquisite city. The mixture of old and new is embraced by its citizens, and as a traveler I couldn’t help but stare with unapologetic eyes. To be in such an environment where ones culture and past is so commercially intertwined with the contemporary development is admirable.



Kyoto’s style is very different from the other cities I had visited thus far. The city actually has a landscape policy in which building are restricted to a certain height depending on the sector of the city. These development regulations make the city seem smaller than it really is, but allows for some of the most amazing views if you climb up on of the encompassing mountains (well sort of mountains more like big hills, I’m a little biased because of the Rocky Mountains.)


Day 20 was a whirlwind of a day. We accomplished a lot and the video supplements the “epicness” of the day. 🙂  Enjoy!




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