The Move is On

With October on the horizon Kaz, Joe and myself finally arrived at a momentous occasion on our trip. Tenri would no longer be the base camp for some time. The three of us had spent nearly 17 days in the safety and comfort of Kaz’s family’s company, and inevitably we would be setting off to spend the next saga of our trip in a variety of hostels, and other unknown accommodations.

Day 17 was a fairly uneventful day although the constant pressure of finding a useful method of obtaining money was smacking Joe and I in the face. We were planning to get the necessary funds for the next 7 days before we left for Kyoto. Except for whatever reason our cards didn’t co-operate with the ATM in the Tenri post office.

So we left Tenri later that night with no money and headed straight for Kyoto, which was an hour and a half on the Kintetsu Tenri Line. Once we arrived at Kyoto station we made our way to the entourage of buses, most of which promised to take us to our destination. After skulking about we decided to make a leap of faith and jumped onto one of the arriving buses. To this day I don’t know if it was the most efficient route but nonetheless we arrived at Kaz’s family church.
Having only been in Kyoto in the blanket of darkness I was eager to find out what the city was hiding once the sun decided to rise the following morning. Funny enough that morning would come much faster than anticipated, as the Church required us to vacant our “Manga Room” at 6 am sharp. This was going to be difficult after such a long day.

A nap was intuitively forcasted that afternoon!

Regardless being able to aimlessly wander around an unknown city is a scary but thrilling experience. Simply giving yourself permission to ignore the restrictions of a structured day was relieving and felt foreign to my mind. How many years have I been forced to conform to a routine lifestyle. School, swimming, sleep, eat, work..etc. So to have a day come along where absolutely nothing was planned or scheduled felt somewhat strange, but very much welcomed!



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