Day 16 of our trip was one of the most interesting and demanding of our 45 days in Japan. We began our day nice and early to catch our 6:30 train, which was followed up by an additional 3 trains, two bus rides and a trip up a mountain on a cable car.

Koya-san is a rural and remote region in Japan’s Wakayama prefecture. The land was first settled in 819 AD and is currently home to nearly 120 temples and many monasteries. The Okuno-in (Inner Sanctuary) is the centre of the Koya-san region and is where the massive cemetery is situated. I definitely felt a little overwhelmed when I was walking around in the cemetery. There were so many mausoleums and graves that it was impossible to keep track, and the 100 meter tall cedar trees definitely added to the effect.

To experience something so complex, and old was such a treat. The time spent getting to Koya-san was quickly forgiven within 30 seconds of wandering around. It’s a good reminder of how young Canada really is, and can make you appreciate the insignificant of our lives in the grand scheme of things. I’ve never had the chance to exist in a place with so much history that has been captured and preserved.

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Koya-san and hope to return one day with camera in hand.



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