Just keep on swimming

To see a whale shark, a manta ray, and Nemo all in one day is quite a delight. The Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan” is an extremely large structure that holds nearly 29,000 animals. The design of the build itself is beautiful and the manner in which you observe the animals is entertaining and creative. You begin at the very top-level of the building and you progress down the levels by a continuous spiral corridor which has the main tank on the inside and  complementary tanks on the outside.

It is hard to describe just how large the main tank is, and just how many species of marine life are able to survive in it. To be fair though, I did have a few moments where I dropped out of the curious on looker and felt quite guilty about visiting such a place. It was easy to see that the space was not adequate for the majority of the larger animals as they would make cycles around the tank in meer minutes. I definitely felt some Free Willy moments…

After completing the aquarium in a modest two hours we ventured off to the giant ferris wheel that graced the sky of Osaka. The wheel is massive and is a perfect way to see the Osaka “skyline.”

Once we finished with our site seeing near the coast we starting wandering around Osaka until later that evening when Kaz’s friend Komataro (or Koma-chan) took us out for authentic Osakan Okonomiyaki. The dinner was delicious and was followed up by a drive home. The drive was greatly appreciated!

My one fault on this trip was not conserving power for my S95 camera as my battery died before we even met up with Koma-chan. Really wish I had a picture of dinner 🙂

Anyways here’s DAY 13 – enjoy.



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