Tenri = Food, Fun & Faith

On day 3 of our trip, we decided to venture out into the small city of Tenri and explore the local area. I took in the different infrastructure with great amazement and felt the excitement of living in a world that is not my own.



4 thoughts on “Tenri = Food, Fun & Faith

  1. One thing I never actually saw in Japan is the locals using the vending machines. Tell me if you notice this, or perhaps the people in Tokyo are just snobby.

    If any of you happen to know, what is the function of the yellow divider on sidewalks? I presumed it was for bikes, but cyclists seem to ride anywhere they please.

    • Well the people who live in Tenri use the vending machines a lot so I don’t know what’s going on with Tokyo I guess I’ll have to make that observation when I get there. As for the yellow divider on all the side walks it appears that they are designed for people with sight disabilities. They have little sensors in them and help guide the blind. Now this is what I have been told but I think it’s quite logical.

  2. Kara and gang, moving out of our comfort zones has so much to offer us, i guess this is partly what this whole adventure is about. Enjoy!!!! Love you

  3. Day 3… Looks like all you guys are doing is eating from vending machines.Have fun .We enjoy
    looking at your adventures.Keep them coming!!

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