Jet Lag and Bullet Trains

Well I’ve finally arrived in the land of the rising sun. Now it took nearly 35 hours of sitting, running and worrying, but our little group finally made it to Tenri, Japan. Can’t say that waiting/siting on an airplane for 10 hours was exciting but I can honestly declare that the Japanese Shikansen ‘Bullet Train’ blew my mind. Speeding across urban and rural Japan at 330km/h is quite an experience. Even though I could barely keep my eyes open.

Regardless we are settled and can relax, but not for long cause many experiences await!



4 thoughts on “Jet Lag and Bullet Trains

  1. Glad you made it and I’m sure many adventures await. Dani and I are heading to Sunshine Bay tomorrow to pick up the kitten. Would love to Skype this weekend.

    Love Mom

  2. Kara, hello, this is my second attempt to respond, stupid BB, anyway, good to hear you’ve arrived and your adventures have already begun. Keep up the updates, I love hearing about them.Bullet trains sound awesome. Say hi to the boys:)Love you tons, danie.

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